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Dustless Blasting


The newest method of restoring wood and log surfaces today is by using a technique known as “Dustless Blasting”. The perfect means to restore a log home or cabin’s surfaces.

Our knowledgeable technicians have a wide range of different abrasives to choose from, as well as knowing the correct pressure and abrasive flow to use and having that adjustability.

Dustless Blasting is excellent for the removal of paint, stain, lacquer, polyurethane and any other coating from wood leaving behind the original surface undamaged and looking beautiful. Log homes can suffer exterior surface deterioration from all the many elements here in Colorado. Being in Colorado at a higher elevation means that there is increased UV damage to the exposed wood. Painted wood eventually goes bad and has to be removed before anything else can be done with the surface.

Below is a video of a log home being restored via the Dustless Blasting equipment and technique. This contractor is in Massachusetts and his video is a great example of Dustless Blasting log homes.

The Above Video Courtesy of Plymouth Rock Dustless Blasting Company


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