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Corn Cob Grit & Walnut Shell Blasting


Corn Cob Grit Blasting is a more traditional method of handling the restoration of wooden surfaces and log structures, like log homes and cabins.

It is an all-natural soft abrasive blasting media that is biodegradable, therefore it could be the correct restoration method for your wooden project. Please give us a call at (303) 595-9559 so that we can advice you as to which of our restoration methods might be the best suited for your wood surfaces and log structures.

Corn Cob Grit Blasting is a completely dry blasting method.

There is no need to wait before applying a stain or coating. This is a good blasting method for cedar and other wood sidings. There is only minimal dust with cob blasting and any grit that is left after the work is complete can be used as mulch.

Another natural media that is available from us and is recommended at times is Walnut Shell Blasting. It too is biodegradable and eco friendly. Both of these natural blasting medias could be the best choice in restoring your wooden surface from water and smoke damage. Using Walnut Shell eliminates the chance of any moisture penetrating the wood to later cause molding and/or rotting.

Above is an example of our Wood Restoration in a more “commercial” type application. Corn Cob Grit Blasting is a great means of bringing out the natural wood beauty that was once there years before.

Some Advantages of Log Home and Wood Siding Media Blasting
•Does an excellent job removing most paints and stains.
•Fairly quick and cost effective.
•Avoids water getting into the home but dry dust and blasting media will most probably penetrate into the interior of the home.
•Since the blasting media consists of either recycled crushed glass or organic materials like corncob grit or walnut shells there is little chance of well or water contamination.

Log homes, wood homes need routine maintenance, especially the exteriors of your buildings. An eye needs to be kept on the finish and when it starts to deteriorate, it needs to be removed and another new finish applied.

The video below demonstrates how Corn Cob Grit Blasting can be an effective means to strip away the original finish on a car’s plastic bumper so that it can then be refinished. Corn Cob Grit is soft enough so it will not damage the integrity of the bumper, but also abrasive enough to remove the finish.

Please visit our DBblack300x1 webpage to learn more about our Dustless Blasting methods to recover the original beauty of your wood.

Also please visit THIS PAGE to learn more about our Corn Cob Grit Blasting services.

Give us a call at (303) 893-2845 to ask about our specialized services.


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